Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well I said I would tell you ten things about myself this morning so. . .
Here it goes. . .
1. I can curl my tongue.
2. I LOVE to read! I started with Dick and Jane ( which should tell you I am definitely middle aged!) , moved on to the Little House books, read every Brother's Grimm Fairy tale book in our local library ( and there were a lot!) I read all the Nancy Drew's and most of the Hardy Boys, then moved on to all Louisa May Alcott books as well as all the Anne books (Lucy Maud Montgomery) which, by the way I still read. The teen years found me reading anything and everything. I even read horror novels (although I think I did that to horrify my step mom more than anything!). I read numerous Harlequin's as a young mom, then went on to fantasy, followed by mysterys.
Now that I'm older, I have become very picky about what I read, which has made finding a good book difficult. I still read mystery's, some fantasy, some christian novels and I love it when I can find something to read that is funny or uplifting.
Can you tell I like to read?!
3. I love to splash in puddles. The bigger the better! Since I don't often have rubber boots on when I meet a good puddle, I have resorted to a rather shameful practice. Once in a while, during the height of spring melt, if I come across a really big puddle while driving my school bus, I am overcome by an irresistible urge. After a quick check to assure myself that yes, the bus is already dirty, and no, there are no pedestrians nearby, I 'accidentally ' speed up just a bit and just happen to drift into that puddle.
The huge splash is incredibly satisfying!
Of course ,if any of the kids notice, I'll look very surprised and let out a loud, WHOOPS!
4. I am very proper. Henry is not at all proper!. After 23 years of marriage we have rubbed off on each other a bit. I'm no longer as easily embarrassed and Henry no longer tries to embarrass me as often. ( Okay, that last bit isn't really true.)
5. I am a research geek. I have to thoroughly research anything new that comes my way. I used to have piles of books around my chair when I was starting something new. I use the Internet a lot more these days.
6. I am a visual learner.
7. If you asked my family what I was like they would tell you I was eccentric. ( Or quirky if they were feeling kind.) When I was younger, my younger sister liked to tell people I was just like the character of Denise on the Cosby show.
8. When my kids were young, breakfast consisted of Pepsi and cigarettes. Now I have two breakfasts. The first I have before I leave for work, and it is always the same. One package of instant oatmeal. When I get home from bus driving I have my second breakfast. Two pieces of jam toast. Although if there is any baking in the house I would go for that first! I haven't smoked for over 16 years.
9. I am a tea drinker. I have never grown up enough to enjoy coffee.
10. I'm a dreamer.


Brenda Kula said...

Well done. See, yours was much more lady-like than mine! Proper. I like that word. I don't think that would apply to me. But it is a good, solid word.

Anonymous said...

Pepsi and cigarettes are not at all proper and I'm glad you've moved away from that. I'm also not at all proper, so I'm glad you accept "improper" friends into your life!

- Ev

Chandra said...

For a second I thought you meant the kids' breakfast was Pepsi and cigarettes! But only for a second, honest... :o)

Chandra said...

You also couldn't pay me to drink coffee...guess I'm not grown up yet, either!

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