Saturday, July 19, 2008

An update on Jesse and a peek at the front garden

It looks like Jesse will be fine although we do think he had/has a mild concussion.(Thanks Chandra)

I stayed up with him last night for about three hours watching a movie on family channel and by the end he was starting to feel better. (He even said he was hungry and made himself ramen noodles!)

I woke him up for work this morning and he's still got a headache and feeling rather queasy so we've decided to let him stay home and hopefully sleep it off. (Thanks for your prayers Jenny.)
And as Jenny requested I'm posting some pictures that I took in the front garden this morning.

I even ate my oatmeal on the bench under the tree.


Aunt Nancy said...

Wow, beautiful Rosa, sure looks like a lot of work though. I guess it`s not work to someone who loves doing it. I love looking at it and that`s easy :0)

Brenda Kula said...

Oh Rosa, it's so beautiful! Just like your name (I'm still jealous over that name!) Anyway, glad Jesse is feeling better. Should probably watch over him a few days. I hear those concussions can be nasty!

Jenny said...

Oh, my GOSH! It's absolutely beautiful, Rosa! It's all gorgeous. Thank you for the peek! You're an inspiration, truly.

I'll continue to add prayers for Jesse.

Tamara said...

I just don't know how you do it Rosa. Everything looks so lush in such a short time! Amazing....

marina said...

I think Paradise is something like that. IT'S AWESOME!!!!!

What a pity we live so far away in order to help me out with my garden... Anyway you gave me many ideas.

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