Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A compliment?

I was at the dentist last week for a checkup.

I hadn't had a checkup in over a year and thought I'd better make sure all was well with my teeth before I found myself on the other side of the world.

While waiting in the chair one of the dental assistants walked by, stopped, came in and said,

"Rosa? Wow! I hardly recognized you!."

" You cut your hair. I love it! It makes you look ten years younger!"

"You must have kicked yourself for not cutting it years ago!"

" You look like one of your girls. I can hardly believe it!"

Hmmm. . . I'm not sure if this was a compliment, or a comment on how I used to look!


Anonymous said...

It was a compliment, definitely. You looked just fine before too!

- Ev

Jenny said...

I agree with Ev. Certainly a compliment. Although, I'd wanna analyze the part about how I looked earlier, too. LOL Fun post and picture!

Do any baking lately? :)


Rosa said...

Jenny, I baked the cinnamon bread last week and somehow it just didn't come out right! I thought I had remembered the last 'adjustment' I made, but obviously I was wrong! :) I'll have to try again. This batch fell down the middle. The ends tasted good though. LOL!

CurtissAnn said...

Definitely a compliment, but how funny! I wear jeans and overalls so much that when I dress up, I get the same reaction. I have responded: "I clean up well."

Beautiful photo!


Tamara Jansen said...

you went to the DENTIST in preparation for our journey to the orient??!! I haven't been to the dentist in soooo long and I've been to Holland, Aruba, Ohio, Ontario, Quebec, England, France, Egypt, Brazil, and who knows where else.....I never thought once about a possible dental emergency. Clearly I should set up a dentist appointment as soon as possible because I'm due for an unplanned dental emergency :)

It's good to have sisters that remind you of these sorts of things....oh yah, don't forget to take your imodium allong!

Tamara Jansen said...
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Rosa said...

Hey! Don't make fun of me!!
I have two teeth that bug me off and on.
I want to be totally prepared you know.
And now I am.

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