Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Contest Time!

Well, as promised here are the details for my contest.

In the comment section tell us one random thing about yourself and that you would like to enter the contest.

My friend Brenda over at the brendablog http://thebrendablog.typepad.com/thebrendablog/ has mentioned that she has been unable to comment on some blogs that use blogger so. . . if any of you run into that problem you can email me your entry at middleagedgardener@live.com .

Now of course you are probably all wondering what the prize might be!

So here it is. . . My friends Loretta and Jurrina have just opened their Etsy store rubitin and sell the most amazing soaps and hand creams. http://rubitin.etsy.com/

So. . .

Browse their shop and the winner will receive $20 worth of their product.

As none of us is at all techno savvy we have no idea how to do coupons etc. I will be purchasing the products directly from them and then sending it to you myself.

You have until Saturday night at midnight to enter.

One entry per person please.

The winner will be announced on Monday which is a bit before my 100Th post but I'd like to send it out before I go.

Good luck!
[ Edit. I realized, while walking Jada, that I had forgotten to tell you how the winner would be chosen. I thought I would stick to the tried and true, so, all entries will go into a hat (my garden hat!) and, while blindfolded, I will chose the winner!]


Chandra said...

You will "chose" the winner, eh? Is that a little Freudian slip admitting that the winner is already pre-determined? Maybe you plan to reward Tamara for taking you to China? Fess up!!!


Rosa said...

Well if you're worried about any cheating I could hav Jada pick the winning entry.
I can't promis I'll be able to read it after she's slobbered all over it though!

momofcrt said...

Here's my entry then...
I'm Marie, your cousin who lives a short hour and a half drive away from you.
Sorry I didn't visit with you last Friday, was a busy day as it was and we needed to be home on time for company in the evening :-)

Lynn said...

Hi! I am hoping that I can enter the contest! I enjoy clicking on everyone's links at Ree's site, and I clicked on yours. It looks like fun, and I love etsy!

My name is Lynn and I really enjoy board games--the unusual kind, not so much the normal ones like Monopoly, etc. My favorite is called Iron Dragon, which you should really check out if you enjoy fun games. (it does take about 4 hours to play though, so make sure you have time!) Ok, enough for my novel, I hope to be back soon.


Chandra said...

Okay, my turn. I fell down the stairs about 7 years ago when I was bringing the bag of diapers out to the garbage. Broke my tailbone the first time down, then I crawled (literally!) back up to keep my two kids from falling down after me. I picked up the baby, stood up, and proceeded to pass out, falling down the stairs a second time, this time hitting my head on the banister and giving myself a concussion. Eventually I called Pete at work (8 times, no memory of it though!!) asking him to come home and take care of the kids because I felt so sick. Needless to say, he called 911 after about my 3rd call, so the ambulance, police, and fire department all decended on our house.

I still have no memory of the second fall and about 40 minutes after that...

Bunny B said...

Hi Rosa, hope I may join too! :P Random thing? Well, I may look small and fragile, but I'm actually a tough bunny! :)
See you around. Thanks!

Brenda Kula said...

Okay, one random thing... There are so many! All right. I've never played cards!

Anonymous said...

You know a lot about me, so my daughter thought of something you might not know.

Something random -- I would prefer to never wear socks, but usually my floors are too cold and gritty to do so (something to do with three kids eating and traipsing around the house all the time - I hope that's the reason!).

- Ev

Jenny said...

Me, me, me! Enter me, please. Whew! I almost missed your deadline.

Here's my favorite thing to surprise folks with. I've had 6 brain surgeries and you'd never know it unless I showed you my scars. All benign so far (as I do the sign of the Cross). :) MRIs every 2-3 years to make sure all is well in there.

I hope you're feeling better than new soon and able to get out in the garden, too.


P.S. And bake, too! ;)

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