Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Birthday Post

I want to wish Nola over at alamo north a happy birthday today.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Nola!

Tommorow is Holly's 21st birthday.

We will be celebrating with homemade pergogies which I just bought at the farmers market and cherry delight instead of cake as Holly doen't like cake.

I'm off now. It's time to scrub some floors and bathrooms. . .

Whoo Hoo!


The Brenda Blog said...

Happy Birthday to your 21 year old! And I'm sure Nola will be so pleased!

momofcrt said...

Happy birthday to Holly!!

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Thanks Rosa! I just logged on to find all these wishes and adorable pictures posted! You helped make my birthday so special!

Happy Birthday to Holly! Hope hers is a wonderful as mine was! Oh, to be 21 again... (No, not really, it would probably wear me out!)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Nola and Holly! Have a wonderful time!

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