Monday, September 8, 2008

Look what the delivery man droppped off!

Blessings have be raining down on us in a big way lately!

I've been having trouble with my oven for quite a while.

The repairman came and fixed it.( For a price.)

It worked for a while, but then. . .

I started having trouble with the oven again.

Henry said "It's time for a new one."


Whoo hoo!

It took a bit of convincing on his part to get me to agree to a higher priced model. (I know, I'm weird.)

As you can see, this baby comes with 5 burners, one of them an oval in the center. There is a cast iron griddle that fits over that burner or you can put a grate over it and just plunk a big pot on there.

How amazing is that?!

The best part though (aside from the fact that it's gas) is the convection oven.

That's right ladies. . .

I'm going to be baking/roasting up a storm this fall.

Once I've finished in the garden you will likely find a lot of posts coming out of the kitchen.

I can hardly wait!

*And Jenny?I tried out the original recipe for cinnamon bread last week. It's almost perfect. A little sagging in the center but. . .I think it might be the oven. As soon as I'm hooked up I'll try it again and then I'll post the recipe. If it doesn't come out perfect I'll still post the recipe and let you fiddle with it! Lol.


momofcrt said...

ohhhh nice, very nice
We had a convection oven in the last house we were in but this one doesn't have one. I'll miss it for cookie baking the most.
Have fun baking!!

Tamara Jansen said...

Oh man, you are gonna loooooovvvvveee the gas cooking! I had so much fun with the gas range.....never baked much, mind you. You'll have to tell me how the gas baking goes. Can't wait to see you sis! I'm starting to get excited :)

Jenny said...

Whoa........................... How awesome is that oven? You are going to be in baking heaven! I really envy that burner in the middle! A griddle? I'm drooling down here!

And thank you ahead of time for the recipe. I'm so excited!

Brenda said...

I'm not much of a cook. Mine doesn't get a tremendous amount of action. But I'm looking forward to seeing those gorgeous loaves of bread you make.

Nancy-Mom said...

yummy. I miss not being able to bake anymore. Uncle Ben does it now. I read the recipe and he puts it together. It works but he only does koek or butter tarts so far. I used to do bread and loooots of other stuff. Now that ther's only the two of us it's hardly worth it antmore. Love the stove. Never had gas but that's something hubby has been dreaming about for years. We also have a convection oven (second one) but hardly use it. We also have a 5th burner which is a warming burner. Ours has lots of features which we're still learning about. Enjoy it and send me some of that baking !!

Anonymous said...

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