Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making Jam In The Middle Of Winter

I made many, many jars of jam last summer.
Peach raspberry, blue ribbon strawberry, vanilla bean strawberry (too runny) and low sugar strawberry.
We are starting to run low however .
How is that possible you might ask?
Henry loves to snack on peanut butter and jam toast.
If you saw how much jam he puts on his toast you would understand why this has happened. Opa Vandermolen would be horrified! He would be scraping that jam off and telling him that he could make three pieces of toast with that jam!
So last Saturday I decided to address the problem by making a batch of raspberry jam using the berries I froze last summer.

This should last for a while don't you think?

Or maybe not. . . .


Anonymous said...

My kids favorite jam is the strawberry freezer jam my mother in law used to make..Tim even got some for his birthday one year! LOL

Nancy-Mom said...

Wow, he must use a lot of jam, maybe he should just eat it by the spoonful and save the bread :o)
Can't imagine making jam in the middle of winter. Good for you girl, you're spoiling your guy, hope he reciprocates :o)

momofcrt said...

oh too funny, Opa often used that line didn't he?
I still am very skimpy on jam or anything else on bread. I have just enough for the flavour.
But yum, home made jam mmmmmmm.

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